About Us

Tantao is an expert in low-carbon renovation of villas.

Promote the concept of systematic, standardized, modular and digital development.

Respond to the global carbon neutrality and carbon peaking plans and help achieve the "double carbon" goal.

Transform buildings into comfortable and livable spaces, pursuing a balance between comfort, energy and environment.

Tantao Company was rated as a high-tech enterprise in China.

Participated in the compilation of the national standard GB50693 "Technical Specifications for Slope Roof Engineering" and "CECS Standard for Prefabricated Photovoltaic Roof Components" industry technical specification documents.

Independently research and develop system products such as prefabricated roofs and prefabricated exterior walls, and possess more than 30 related patented technologies.

Cooperate with Changzhou Almaden to launch photovoltaic roof products for the global BIPV roof market.

Let us work together for the sustainable development of all mankind.



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